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Nov 8, 2022
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Hi guys,

First time poster long time lurker & new to the industry.

I have been updating logos and Q&As to about 90 locations for a client. GBP seems not to be responding well, sometimes the updating of the logo is completed fine for the location and other times I get a continuous loading bar and the logo (all jpegs) will not be added to the location.

Im also updating Q&As. They are added in GBP with no issues & 24 hours after they are still fine but sometime after that 4-5 of the Q&As just drop off the page with no reason or issue. Some locations are losing more Q&A’s than others and Im not getting any type of error or warning why.

Both above issues don’t seem to have any pattern with particular locations/variables.

I know GBP is going through some changes so maybe its some type of bug? But Im here to ask for some help to find out if anyone has had any similar issues or could offer any guidance.

Part of it could be Google's natural filters rejecting things. Part of it could be glitch. I would give it another shot and see what happens and if you still run into issues contact GBP Support.
@Ashb22 I was having the exact same issue with the loading bar not completing the past few days. I looked here for a solution and found your thread, then I looked on the Google Support community. Other are also facing this issue. It's obviously teething troubles with this dire new interface. One solution (short term hopefully as its not at all scalable) is to upload via Google Maps on mobile although I couldn't see where to add a logo specifically, just 'photos' but I didn't click around for half a day to find that specific option which is available on desktop - Can't upload picture for new logo - Google Business Profile Community

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