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Dec 18, 2012
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I'm pretty sure I already know this answer, but wanted to confirm it with people smarter than me:)

If you have multiple locations, should you still only optimize homepage for one location?

So only having one city on page title for homepage?

I've seen some sites with 2 or 3 cities in homepage title, and others with just one, even when they have multiple locations.

Would love to hear what other experts say.

Thanks in advance,
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Yeah...I understand that, but was wondering if it's okay to go after one location on homepage, and then the others via their own location pages?

You shouldn't stuff your homepage with a ton of locations. What you should really do is have local landing pages that will have the contact info and a ton of other useful information for each individual location.

Check out this thread -

My answer YES. I also covered this in detail in the Onsite SEO training you took Mike.

The home page is usually highest ranking, so should no waste it. Use for 1 location.

Complete details about how to set all up in post #5 here.

<a href="">Business w/Multiple Locations: Should G+ Listings Link To Home Page or Loc. Pages?</a>
Oldest, most prominent, and/or largest city location link to home from Google+ Local. While creating location pages for the other two and pointing G+ Local to each respective location page makes sense to me.

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I'm going to come at this a little differently then others. Depending on how many locations, we rarely optimize the homepage for a single location (unless the business only has a few locations and one is in a major metro area). This is also kinda what we do when it comes to linking the GMB location page to a page on the website. Now if this is a several hundred location business you shouldn't be optimizing the homepage (or any other top level navigation pages) for any single location.

This all really has to do with "location prominence" or what page Google sees as most relevant for specific geo related queries. A good directional test to see what Google finds the most relevant page for a geo term is to do a site:search for the term or just see which page comes back the highest in organic search results when you search for keyword + geo.

Would love to be able to give some more specific advice, but would need you to share a little bit more about the business.

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