Jan 27, 2013
Google+:Kate Mercer
Business name:I have FOUR
1.Kate Mercer Photography >
2.Mystic Shoot the Cake >
3.Mystic Shops TV >
4.Mystic CT weddings the 411 >

Business location: 7 Broadway Ave. Mystic CT US
Business telephone :?860.536.0095

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Feel free to weigh in below.
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Linda Buquet

Jun 28, 2012
Wanted to move this thread to the main discussion forum as this is a common problem.

Some folks think just because they have different sites for different aspects of their business they can have 4 Google+ Local pages. Sometimes they ARE separate companies, but more like different divisions. If they are similar categories and especially if home bases, it's not going to fly.

Google will either merge them all or suspend the account.

Here's a good example with good explanations of why this is not allowed.

This post also brings up the issue that on-line only businesses are not allowed to have G+ L pages.

Any questions or comments?

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