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Mar 28, 2019
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Got a bit of an infuriating headscratcher here. For the second time in only a few months, one of our GMB listings has straight-up vanished off the face of the earth. We were alerted to the issue after one of our review management platform users noticed that all of the reviews for the store were missing. When I checked the GMB link we have in our online database, it resulted in a blank page with no indication it had once directed to an active store listing. It's gone from the GMB dashboard without any sign it was ever there, taking all of the data it had with it. We don't have any emails about it in our associated account, it was never suspended or flagged for anything. Just, gone.

The last time this occurred, we created a new listing for the store and never got any answers from Google about what happened. I'm completely baffled. Has anyone else been experiencing this or had any luck restoring their listing?

Update: I managed to get this listing reinstated this morning. It was connected to a mistake in our local listings agency's dashboard which had accidentally marked it as permanently closed when it wasn't.
@Annika Neudecker How did you get them reinstated. I can't seem to get a response back other than a generic email. I'm struggling here.
I'm actually not certain how it was done, unfortunately. We had to address it through the agency which supports our listings work. They were the ones who directly worked with Google to get it reinstated. Wish I could be of more help here.

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