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Oct 15, 2015
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One of my attorney clients received a negative review that mentions a different attorney in the same city who has the same last name, but a different first name. Also that attorney practices a different type of law and the review mentions that. I thought this would be a clear violation of the "off topic" provision and easy to prove since the proof is in the text, but GMB support still refuses to take it down?! Has anyone else encountered this? Is there a way to escalate this even though I've already talked and chatted with GMB support?
This sounds like a time when one of the "Google Product Experts" (formerly aka Top Contributors) could be helpful. One of them will probably swoop in here and help you with this.
Hey @Scott ClientClicks This is a scenario where Google should remove the review. As long as the evidence is clear. How have you flagged (from inside GMB?) and chatted with Google?

If you want to post the issue over at the GMB Forum as Tim Mentioned I would be happy to assist over there. Just post a link to your GMB forum thread here once it's up and we can go from there.

Hi Colan, I'm just checking if there was any response from Google. I realize it may not happen and appreciate your help.
Hey Scott,

It typically takes a week for the first response from Google when escalating at the GBM forum. But they will respond.

I'll update you as soon as they do.


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