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Mar 15, 2016
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Netting Holiday Impulse Buyers With Online Reviews


We?re all impulse buyers, thanks to context.

Micro-moments are an important piece of the inbound marketing funnel. They attract and convert customers in the moment, so the process is hyper-accelerated. Having your business SEO properly configured on major search engines and vertical search engines like Yelp, helps your customers to get the information they need in the middle of these impulse or need-it-now micro-moments.

In Alina?s story, she needed someone to fix her car. She?d need a ride home, food for herself and her kids. She was driven to search for a solution to her problem.

Her tool of choice? The Smartphone.

Within seconds of a simple search she has can see what?s local, hours of business operation, star ratings and reviews on the SERPs and click to call.

Our mobile devices put the solutions to our problems at our fingertips. In a split second we?re able to find a tow truck, restaurant, auto body shop ? anything we need.

In this post, Andrew shares a story about how our mobile devices put online reviews at our fingertips.

In order to capitalize on the Holiday season, our online reviews are what's going to snag the attention of potential customers. It's just another reason that Online Reviews are an essential marketing channel in 2016.

Are you a Holiday Impulse buyer? Do Online Reviews satisfy your impulse buying last minute research?

Read the full post here.

Very timely and great tips.

Thanks for sharing Garrett!

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