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Jul 23, 2012
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My "signature" result has been my one man mortgage broker who owned #1 for Mortgage Broker Los Angeles, then slipped to 3 or 4. We were accepting of that rank. Two days ago the visibility went to -0-, even if you look up the client's name on places. When you insert his phone number into maps, he doesn't show up at all, even though he shows up with on a web search. 310-295-6213

He is associated with a larger company (although independent broker) who has the same address and different phone. His Google Places listing is older than theirs. But they have co-existed for a long time.

He is not suspended, but still showing live. I pinged earlier today. No change in information for months. We did establish a Google +, but have not sought a merger yet. Seen anything like this ever.

After double checking phone on a map search (no dice) I went to MapMaker to see if I can find any history or trace. No dice. So it APPEARS the live listing was deleted.

Do you by chance have a record of his CID # anywhere. There is a trick I can try if I can get that #. Keeping the CID record is an important key for troubleshooting in cases like this.

Sometimes people have an old Place page link in an email template they used to use for requesting reviews. OR an embedded map on the web site that has the CID. See if you can find it and I'll try something else when I get time.
Ya there is a MM trick where if you know the CID you can sometimes find a listing that is not there via phone search and pull it up to research that way.

I checked the maps on their contact us page but they were not embedded ideally, with all the enhanced data attached, so no CID there either.

When you said you pinged it earlier... did you do a poke? Sometimes those take a few days to work but they won't bring back a listing that's been totally deleted, which as far as I can tell this one was.

Try the troubleshooter and report it missing. That way you'll at least get a reply from support so can find out what happened and hopefully they can help you get the listing back up.

Good luck Randy - keep us posted about what they say.
It sounds very much like the "black active" case, i.e. the listing (and probably the whole account) was banned "quietly" for multiple, major violations of the quality guidelines. In general, there is no way to return from this, but you can give it a try. Check here some suggestions on what to do.
Thanks so much for jumping in and for that link Nyag!

I didn't think about purgatory because Randy didn't mention any of the dashboard symptoms.

Randy does the dash look stripped like the one in the link Nyag gave above? Is the link to view your listing missing?
On 9/14 & 9/15 there was an update to the organic algo and there was a lot of local rankings movement - any chance his content is duplicated or anything else that could have caused Google to not like the URL anymore?

....just another idea.

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