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Linda Buquet

Local Search Expert
Jun 28, 2012
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NEW Advanced Google+ Local Training is Finished!
Revised and expanded to include the Google My Business update & all other recent Google changes

Designed to take experienced consultants to the next level of success!
Hands-on with 10 Google My Business listings is recommended​

Greatly expanded and includes:
​​.:. 8 training videos (Over 9 hours)
.:. 65 pages of training docs
.:. 194 links to the most important resources, more in-depth info & killer tips

General Info

ADVANCED Google+ Local TRAINING (For experienced Local Search consultants only)
We don't offer beginner Google Local training, this is ADVANCED training. You need to have demonstrated experience with the basic Google Local listing & GMB dashboard process to benefit from this knowledge.

We'll cover the very most important ranking techniques, time-saving tricks, best practices and troubleshooting tips. You will learn how to avoid and/or fix the most common time-eating Google quirks and problems. I teach some techniques that even serious well known pros who have taken my course have never heard of or uncovered on their own.

.:. On-Demand! No more scheduling problems associated with live phone training!

.:. Short video modules allow you to absorb all the intensive info in bite-sized chunks.
When used for training staff, you can pause to add your own instructions and answer questions.

.:. Totally updated: Revised & expanded to cover all the latest updates like Google My Business and other Google changes that affect your process and your clients. Really helps to clear the confusion.

Just a Few of the Topics Covered

.:. All the recent Google changes detailed out including the new Google My Business update

.:. How the Google local algo thinks and foundational concepts that will save you time and trouble

.:. Google Local optimization tips and best practices to help clients rank

.:. Red Hat Local Search Strategies! (A Linda’ism) Not black hat or gray hat, but not pure white either.
    Strategies that will set your clients apart, boost ranking, clicks AND conversions.

.:. Little known techniques the competition is not using that can make a difference

.:. Myth busting - I clear a bunch of misconceptions to ensure you have the right info

.:. Lead research & data tracking – Critical stuff you need to do with prospects before they become clients

.:. Really important NAP issues. If you aren't doing these things right and up front, the listing is doomed!
     (Most pros I train never even think about these issues, then wonder why some clients aren’t ranking!)

.:. Important dashboard issues to avoid problems and penalties

.:. Most common reasons for ranking penalties, suspension and deleted or disabled listings
     (Guideline issues & minefields to avoid)

.:. In-depth Google duplicate research and techniques (Dupes almost always kill ranking and there are
    different kinds, that need to be handled in different ways)

.:. Practitioner listing problems (My Doctor, Dentist & Attorney dupe strategy explained)

.:. Multi-location listing best practices so you can avoid problems

.:. Service Area Business, service radius settings and hide your ass… (err... I mean address) issues :p

.:. Business moves and re-branding issues

.:. Reviews, citations, and other outside the dash issues

.:. Time =s Money! A variety of ways to avoid common time-wasting problems and get better results

.:. Ranking troubleshooting - I show how to research and diagnose disconnected listings & rank drops

.:. On-site Local SEO and Local Hooks - brief overview of some of the basics
     (There is a separate 5 hour On-site Local SEO course available after completion of this one.)

.:. Business building, lead gen, packaging and pricing with lots of valuable lessons

.:. Top resources to ensure you stay on top of all Google’s changes so you can remain ahead of the curve

.:. Best local search tools to help you get jobs done faster and better! (Most are free.)

.:. Access to the Private "Pros" Forum where we discuss high end tactics and share new tips we discover

.:. BONUS: After completion you qualify for a free listing in the new "Local Search Pros Directory, which is only open to smart consultants who have the foresight to take my training. :p

Below are a couple comments from attendees.

Jeffrey Taylor wrote:
My background is local SEO and for 16 years my main focus has been helping local businesses with on-page and off page local SEO.

I recently participated in Linda's private training and I must say, after many years of buying training guides, listening to seminars, and looking for answers, this was the absolute best investment I have ever made.

Thank you Linda for teaching this old SEO pro some new approaches and helping me to help others!

I am the biggest skeptic out there when it comes to Internet training courses. Over 16 years of SEO, i have seen and paid for my share of scams or over hyped crap.

From the first day after the training, I was able to apply what i learned and have seen results almost immediately. I am not a hype kind of guy, but I can honestly say without hesitation you will not regret taking this training from Linda.

I also took both of Linda's courses and I would highly recommend them even if you have a lot of experience in local SEO. There are so many 'experts' giving you ways to do things, Linda's methods to me were very helpful and cleared up unanswered questions I had for a long time.

I wanted to let others know that if you find value in Linda's free help on this forum, the insight she gives you in her paid training courses takes local to a whole new level.

I really believe that Linda's courses have been the single best investment I've made in years. And I base that on the results we are now able to provide clients.

Nick.SEOSpark wrote: I have taken both of Linda's Training Courses: Organic On-Site Hooks + Google+ Local Advanced. Like Jeffrey said, the training is of excellent quality and there is so much actionable stuff that can be done straight-away to achieve results. I most recently took the G+ Local Advanced training and i couldn't believe how comprehensive it was (and I already had very high expectations) - It really overdelivered on them! I feel that the training has covered pretty much all of the potential problem scenarios that can arise in Google Local - All those horrible bugs and dupes issues.

I now feel like I won't get tripped up by those issues again thanks to the training.
Thanks Linda!

Here are a few training reviews on my Google+ Local page

One pro that took the course 4 weeks ago during pre-launch, told me that some of the tips I gave just in the business building segment were worth the cost of the entire course.

Complete Training Details Available Via Email.

Please contact me to request detailed course overview, topics covered & prices.

Linda Buquet

Local Search Expert
Jun 28, 2012
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I get so many questions about how the course is set up and what it looks like once inside.

So here is a sneak peek screenshot of part of Training Module #5 "Red Hat" Optimization.

There has been LOTS of talk recently about how important user behavior is for SEO, especially since Pigeon! Click through, time on site and other user metrics matter more in the current algo than ever!

This module teaches you a ton of ways to get more clicks, earn more links, get surfers to stick on your site longer AND more than anything, increase conversions, which is the end game!

<img src="" alt="Google Local Training" width="80%" />​
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