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Jun 14, 2017
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I'm sorry if this is not in the appropriate section.

Just spend the past few days and hours today trying to resolve this.

Without going into the long story of it. I recently closed a GMB local account.

The brand still exists (it's a Band) and I have set up a new brand page, gplus and kept the youtube channel.

A search on google brings up all our online presence; website, social sites etc

but the closed GMB local listing knowledge panel shows up as permanently closed.

This will negatively impact our brand moving forward as I work on getting a Brand or band knowledge panel to show up where the old map listing still shows in search.

Any help appreciated.
Hey Paul,

I'd be happy to look into this for you. What is the name of your band? If you're following Google My Business guidelines I'd be happy to mark your page as open.
Thanks for the reply, forgive me I don?t understand. Why would I list it as open? I closed it. I need it removed from maps. The Name is ?The Willing Ponies?
This is getting frustrating, now its listed as open in maps and in google search. How do I get this local listing and knowledge panel removed?
Paul, I'm confused. You say the band still exists, GMB shows you as "permanently closed" and you don't want that, but you're upset because the band shows up on Google Maps and local search and you don't want the GMB page opened. This seems on the surface ton be contradictory.

What is it specifically that you are trying to accomplish?
I too am confused on the end goal here. For starters your GMB page is not claimed. If you want to make any changes you'll have to claim the profile.

You can do this by clicking on claim this business and following the verification process.

Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 2.36.09 PM.png
Thanks DjBaxter and JonClassyBrain the confusion started long ago when I was setting up the Bands Google account. I created a GMB and local listing and went through the verification process not realising that I didn't need to. In fact, it's better to just have a brand page, gplus and youtube as we are not a business that has a shop front or serves people at their residence.

If you google your favourite band on Google search what do you get? A knowledge panel with information about the band from various sources gathered by google, they don't have a GMB or local page.

As far as re-verifying it, my only option is to permanently close the location, there is no option to delete.

Furthermore, the address in the panel, if verified is a personal address so goes against Google guidelines.

I need it removed.
Actually I think the correct thing to do here is...

1st do no verify it. Delete from dashboard if it's in there.

Then in the same place you can select permanently closed you can select
"does not exist" which is the correct option, since you never should have had a page.

Not sure how easy it will be to get it changed from closed to nonexistant but if no results, I'd contact Google and explain and have them change it. (That also might take a couple tries.)

If you want Google support I'd start with Twitter since this is a pretty easy problem to explain in a DM. Here's that link:
Thanks Linda I?ll try twitter. I permanently closed the location and deleted the GMB account so no more dashboard to access.

One interesting outcome was, an earlier merged gmail account with both the GMB/local page and brand page...survived the cull.

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