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Sep 12, 2018
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Hey All,

I am looking for different ways of finding new citations, i use bright local and white spark and there are only a finite number of citations in their database.

Hey Oliver,

Have you found that lower quality citations help bring more traffic? If the citations are so hard to find that they don't show up in either of these 2 databases, my sense is that they aren't of any value. If you want a more robust backlink checker, I'd go with Ahrefs.
My $.02 - if you have everything you can get from those 2 resources, it’s time to stop worrying about it - you’ve done enough.

Citations beyond tier 1 & 2 have a diminishing return. I’d work on local links/PR, content, UX - just about anything else will be more worth your time!
Hi Oliver!

Have you checked the Google My Business Tab inside Brightlocal? There you can find more citations for your relevant keywords that you added to a report. Especially industry relevant citations can be found in the competitor table.
Thanks for the input folks.

I use Ahrefs, Brightlocal and whitespark @JoyHawkins . I haven't used the citation service for buying niche citations from Whitespark.

In Brightlocal reporting there is the potential citations tab where one can get potential citations for a location.

Does anyone have any ideas for obtaining local links for companies without writing content. I tend to follow Eric Wards methods still.

We hired a link builder who has tons of press connections. I think good PR is one of the most effective ways of link building because you can get quoted or mentioned when reporters are looking for someone. I think it becomes more manageable if it's the main task that the person focuses on. HARO is a good place to start if that person doesn't have a lot of connections already.
Love HARO! It can be time-consuming sometimes, but we've had great success over the years in earning links and mentions at various places.

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