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Jun 28, 2012
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Totally buried and hot on another case so no time to research.

But I stumbled on one I thought was worth some looking into.

Louisville Dentist

A is a University so scratch that.

But look at B. Farthest from centroid cluster.
NO site.
G+ L not claimed
Not a lot of citations

Link to listing:

I called and it is a Dental office, but different name so maybe this is an old scraped listing? Still if we can figure out why Google likes it so much maybe there is a ranking clue worth discovering. Unless this is just a crappy result like some of the one-boxes.

Why does Google rank that listing so high do you think?
Hmmm...that's an interesting one.

It looks like a scraped listing, however, Map Maker indicates that there is an e-mail associated with it. Which usually indicates that it is or was claimed at some point anyway.

And the e-mail that's on the Map Maker listing is the same e-mail that is on demand force page that is attached to the Reviews From Around The Web. Smile Center Professionals

Not sure what that all

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Looks like there were reviews on the G+ Local page at some point since it lists these snippets on the page:

People talk about teeth whitening, new patient, implants and crowns
Good detective work. I didn't have time to ck MM or see if it was claimed. I think I found this one when I was looking at that other Dentist I emailed you about today.

Good catch on the DF email matching. I just checked and looks like it's not claimed now.

FYI I'm pretty sure those review snippets are pulled from around the web so there don't need to have ever been any G reviews.
Looks like they have a good website: Smile Center Professionals

It looks like they have never found and fixed the name problem at the Google listing, the street name and business name got blended, but behind that is a deep record of possible citations. A search of their phone brings back about 20,800 results, which is far more than the A and C listing. Maybe that has something to do with it?
FYI I'm pretty sure those review snippets are pulled from around the web so there don't need to have ever been any G reviews.

Interesting. I recall Joel or someone talking about them at Local University in NYC. I remember him saying they are pulled for the G+ Local reviews. However, this was over a year ago, and I don't think anyone asked about the inclusion of 3rd party reviews in the snippets as well.

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