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Jul 30, 2018
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Our 50+ GMB listings were recently reinstated after a lengthy suspension. It's been 10 days and new reviews both positive/negative are being posted. However, they are only visible within the GMB platform. They are not public, we are not getting any review notifications and they are not being grabbed by our partner Yext.

Is this common after a suspension? We are attempting to be very cautious but any insights on potential next steps are appreciated.
@fredmcjunkins, I wouldn't say that's common. In fact, I can't think of a time I've seen or heard of the reviews not going back up with the reinstated page, unless maybe the reviews also were yanked (for unrelated reasons).

The dashboard-only visibility of the reviews sounds like the filter at work.

Is what you describe an issue with all new reviews and for all locations? In other words, are there some GMB pages on which you see at least some new reviews just fine?

I assume the old, pre-suspension reviews show up just fine, as in publicly and not just in the dashboard.

Also, I assume the same people have admin access now as had access before, and that their levels of access (e.g. "owner" or "manager") haven't changed.

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