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Jun 28, 2012
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YAY! Jade is reviving her forum update video series she was doing for awhile.

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>​

Learn about the latest news and updates from the Google and Your Business forum ( Hosted by Jade Wang, Google Places for Business community manager (aka curiouslyjade).

0:01 Introduction
0:10 new Places dashboard available for new users in more countries
0:56 carousel local search results on Google
1:47 updated Help Center layout, how to contact us
2:18 display of state issue for some US listings
2:31 Google+ pages showing 500 error when trying to manage

Thanks for the update Jade!
I've been waiting for this :)
Hi Linda,

We are so glad Jade is posting these updates again! This is great.

Unfortunately, none of our existing clients (that we manage their listing) have the new dashboard including us. On 6/12 I started entering the email Google Places was created with on this page that you recommended

We are still waiting for the email from Google. I also go in and check the dashboards periodically. We are at the point that we think our dashboards will ever be upgraded. We don't understand why they have not finished upgrading the US existing Google Places (Google+ Local) pages before starting to upgrade new users in other countries. It has been a read disappointment for those of us that promote Google Places (Google+ Local) and tout how great it is.

We are so frustrated and just want to know - are we ever going to have a new dashboard or not. Plain and simple.

Thank you and the others on this forum for keeping us updated.

I hear you Susan. If it makes you feel better I'm not upgraded yet either.

My guess is that it's MUCH easier to have new virgin users setting up from scratch to start on the new dashboard. So that's why they are expanding to more countries because new users are easier.

I can't even imagine all the issues that can come up with trying to port over existing accounts.
You know how buggy some existing listings are.

That's why they are doing it in small batches. So then can convert, test, tweak if necessary and get the bugs worked out - instead of doing everyone in one big batch, only to find out there is a bad bug that's now going to affect thousands of listings.

So I personally would rather wait than get it early and potentially have issues.

All I can do for you right now is to quote Jade in the Places forum thread.

"I’m using Google Places but don’t see the new dashboard, yet. Should I panic?

Don’t panic. The new dashboard is still rolling out gradually, and we’ll continue to post updates here.
Please continue to use Google Places for Business as usual."
Thanks Linda! Sorry to be a pain - I'm just venting like so many others. The next time I post, I promise it will be a helpful resource or something of value.

I'm glad you and Jade have a good relationship and that you pass her information along to us. We are pleased to see these updates are back!

As we say in MA "have a good one"!

Thanks Linda! Sorry to be a pain - I'm just venting like so many others. The next time I post, I promise it will be a helpful resource or something of value.

Hey Susan, venting and expressing frustration is welcome here. That's one of the main reasons I felt the industry needed a place like this. :)

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