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Jul 27, 2017
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Google is now publishing all new reviews. Here is Mike Blumenthal's note about it. I have not seen any reviews posted between March 20th and April 8th yet.
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Same here. Not working for 99% other GMBs
All your new reviews are going to on a "hold" until the COVID-19 restrictions go away.
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I have ran a few different tests for reviews. On March 20th, I post a test review for Sterling Sky. I wanted to see A what would happen if I posted the review, so I could talk about it, B wanted to see if and when that review got published. A week later I edited an old review and it disappeared. Colan Nielsen also posted a review that same day I edited my review and it’s doesn’t show either. Yesterday Mike, post a review and with an hour it disappeared. The review I posted yesterday after Mike’s is still live.
It’s appears that this is a slow rollout and not 100% live. Give it time as reviews will slowly be coming back to normal.

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