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Jan 24, 2020
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Hi all,

We have found a new hotel attribute available for some hotels in our agency. The category is called "Accommodation for Ukraine" and it is displayed as it follows:


Once you select this attribute you can find a bigger menu when you can offer free accommodation or significant discounts. No one of these two options has a submenu. And it seems it is

This is something that we have already found in some profiles for different hotel chains. Edited: it seems it is a feature only available for hotels located in European countries. We have seen it in hotels located in Spain, Italy, Portugal, Greece and Bulgaria.
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Finally, we have an example of how Google displays "Discounted accommodation for refugees from Ukraine". The hotel attribute was updated in Google My Business and it is displayed in Google Travel's business profile. We haven´t seen it neither in the knowledge panel nor in Google Maps's profile nor in a generic search in Google Travel as a filter.

The only place where you can identify is in Google Travel's business profile. There is a module (see screen below) with a message requesting for a call to manage a discount with the client, which is in this case MSH Mallorca Senses Hotel, Santa Ponsa (Adults Only).


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