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Sep 25, 2018
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New homes/land-for-sale products usually get approved instantly. This one's been pending for two days. Any idea why that happens? Assume the solution is to delete and try again?

Found this on Google Locals Ads Dashboard:

Under Profile & Budget, then Settings

Direct Business Search

Let Local Services Ads highlight your business in results when someone searches for your brand or business directly. You will not be charged for leads from returning customers. Learn more

New feature, ours is turned on, but not working yet.

Does any one have more info. about this?

About direct business search​

Direct business search helps you to reach specific customers by showing your Local Services ad in search results for your brand or business. You can use direct business search in conjunction with other Local Services Ads features to reach the right customers and showcase what makes your business unique.

How will my ad show up​

When someone searches for your brand or business directly on Google, your Local Services Ad will be eligible to appear. Your ad will be the only Local Services ad to appear in the results, and you'll only be charged for leads from new customers.

How call leads will be charged from these searches​

Google screens calls that are connected via this ad. Callers will be asked if they’re a returning customer. If they indicate they are a returning customer, you will not be charged for the lead.

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