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Oct 20, 2022
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I have a client who started a new business that specializes in installing Christmas lights. Immediately after submitting the verification code, the profile was disabled for not following guidelines. It's a SAB only so the address has been hidden. The name may have triggered a flag (Lightworks Christmas Light Installation) but I have submitted a link to the Michigan Secretary of State's website as well as screenshots showing the matching registered business name.

I requested reinstatement twice from Google and was denied. The only information they gave is "We've looked at your account and it looks like your Business Profile is not eligible to display on Google per our quality guidelines." I also reached out to the Google support community and was told two additional times to just reach out to Google.

I'm at a loss on why the listing was disabled or how to resolve it. Any insight is much appreciated!
Hi Sarah,

What information and documentation did you provide with your reinstatement request?

Hi Darren, Thank you for your quick response. I submitted the following in my reinstatement:

What is the name of your business?
Lightworks Christmas Light Installation

What is the address or service area of your business?
River Rouge, MI, USA Romulus, MI, USA Riverview, MI, USA Flat Rock, MI, USA Brownstown Charter Twp, MI, USA Woodhaven, MI 48183, USA Rockwood, MI 48173, USA Ecorse, MI, USA Lincoln Park, MI 48146, USA Taylor, MI 48180, USA Grosse Ile, Grosse Ile Township, MI 48138, USA Melvindale, MI 48122, USA Huron Township, MI, USA Gibraltar, MI, USA Wyandotte, MI, USA Allen Park, MI 48101, USA Southgate, MI, USA Trenton, MI, USA

What is your Business Profile ID?

Link to government website confirming registered business name: (same as attachment)
Search Summary State of Michigan Corporations Division

Registered business documentation.jpg
What was the verification address used? Virtual address/ co-working space?

The verification address used was the address listed in the above document from the State of Michigan. It is a home address and this is a SAB so obviously it is going to be hidden on the profile.
thanks for confirming. Perhaps they need more proof that the business is real (a couple of utility bills and photo of the business card could be enough)
thanks for confirming. Perhaps they need more proof that the business is real (a couple of utility bills and photo of the business card could be enough)

Thank you for your input - I will try to get additional documentation. I'm very surprised that getting this listing has been such a problem. It seems pretty simple and straightforward.

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