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Mar 28, 2022
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I'd like to hear your thoughts on the new profile restoration process and new P2B and DSA regulations.

According to @BenFisher article (here), companies in the new process will have "ONE chance to apply for reinstatement" of their business profile. If they don't pass it, Google "may decide not to act on a report you submitted regarding potential illegal or policy-violating content." Mike Blumenthal also described it very well in his article. If the company does not take advantage of its one chance, the option under the new P2B law is to use a designated mediation company. Mediations are paid and from what I noticed, the profile owner has to cover 40% of their costs - from what I checked, the smallest fee is €250.

Although the new restoration process currently seems to work better, if we send evidence within 60 minutes after starting the form, the next steps (or lack thereof) may be questionable.

In short, this may mean one chance for restoration, and another is participation in mediation, to which Google may (but does not have to) agree first after completing the request form (providing an authorization code indicating consent), and then the entrepreneur must complete the form on the website mediation intermediary and and pay for it.

Have you had such cases before? What do you think about the changes that are also expected to appear in the US in the near future?

Price list of the company designated by Google in the EU and UK.

Price list of the company designated by Google in the EU and UK.

*I have included the appropriate links for anyone interested.
From a practical pov it makes more sense to me (in the absence of better information) to first goto the forums and attempt to have a PE assist the business and escalate. If that fails then in the EU try the mediation.

Who knows how Google will respond. Although I can’t imagine the (bad) publicity of Google ignoring a mediation decision is something they want on their political score card.

In the US and elsewhere (without the P2B) it seems imperative that google implement an additional method. Although it would be odd if EU has to pay and others don’t.

Until we have experince in the eu and we see what they do in the US, we can’t say much other than stay tuned.
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Thank you @mblumenthal for your feedback.

Definitely more people will escalate their cases on the help forum.

Things can get a bit more complicated for agencies that manage thousands of profiles. It will be difficult to escalate it on forms, and Google (even though it declares it) does not provide agency/organization accounts with a dedicated support line. The assumption of mediation requests in such numbers also seems unlikely.

I and other people will certainly monitor this issue in Europe.

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