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Jun 28, 2012
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And for our 2nd report today of something new from Google that affects Local...

Ryan Scollon reports from our G+ Pro Community

Has anyone ever spotted the social profiles in a knowledge panel for a local business? I know they show for brands and recently launched for celebrities etc. I couldn't work out if I'm just going crazy and they have always been there or if it is something new

Here is the screenshot edited down by me to fit social posts.


Thanks for sharing Ryan!

Pretty cool, don't you think???
(Especially for geeks like us to more easily get to G+ page!) :p

Hmmm, in checking to see if my Knowledge Graph had social profiles I discovered something else I have not seen before. "Send to Phone?"


Is that new too or are new features just coming out so fast that I missed this one?


Also see Joys thread about the social profile links:

<a href="">Local Knowledge Graph Finally Showing Social Icons</a>
Hey Linda, thanks for sharing! Regarding the 'Sent To Phone', that has been around for a a few months now.
Here's the Search Engine post from when Send to Phones was first a thing, for anyone who's curious.

I'm curious if schema will be the main way to encourage social profiles in the local knowledge panel, same as for the brand panel. Might be something to dig into a bit today.

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