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Jul 15, 2013
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I noticed this in some Google search results today. There is a video thumbnail, but it isn't a YouTube or video listing. If you click on it, it takes them to their website (which does have a video on the homepage). It also has the rich snippet ratings and Google Maps pin. Have you seen this before?

Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 1.43.21 PM.png

Showed up in "Newport Beach Dentist" search results. It may be that they're just testing this on certain servers. Anybody else seeing this?

Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 1.43.21 PM.png
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Good catch Edgar. Thanks for sharing!

Off to check now!
Thanks Linda. It was an organic listing under a keyword search for "Newport Beach Dentist".

It wasn't in the local search pack.

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At 1st I figured video schema was causing the thumbnail in search.

Can any brilliant techies in the group figure it out.

(I'm up to my eyeballs in alligators over here!)
I did some brief digging and ran the website through the Google Structured Data tool and was only able to see that they had Publisher Markup.


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Thanks Linda. It was an organic listing under a keyword search for "Newport Beach Dentist".

It wasn't in the local search pack.

Ya is wasn't in the pack cuz there is no pack.
Only a one-box - the bane of my existence. :eek:
It's also just grayed out and dull like it's not supposed to be that way.

Maybe just a fluke with that player?

(Grins as she watches the stampede to find the player and start using it!) ;)
These one-boxes are ticking me off. So just need to say:

Spam pays off in Google Local and is rewarded instead of penalized.

There are a LOT of Dentists in Newport Beach.

Search for: Newport Beach Dentist

The page that locks the rest of Dentists out is spammy. City + KW - City - KW City URL structure.]Newport Beach Dentist | Newport Dental Center | Dentist Newport Beach

Title tag spammy too with City & KW repeated 3 times: Newport Beach Dentist | Newport Dental Center | Dentist Newport Beach (home page title tag is same, which is not recommended)

Sorry to take this off topic with the one-box comments. I'll report this in the one-box thread.
Here is same gray vid for a different search term. The diff is this is pure organic SERP.

So that's the type of organic result with video we are used to seeing. But to have a pinned local result is what's new. The fact that it's a one-box is interested and gives me some hints about how this new algo is blending. now that I see that organic result.

FYI something in this post, I think that big screenshot broke this page and my sideabar got pushed down below. Will try to fix if/when I get a chance. Hmmm reduced the image size and that didn't fix it. My tech is on sick leave and I have no more time to try to figure it out.
It seems like the gray video image is simply because that is the chosen thumbnail.jpg for the video object schema.

Not to take off topic but interested if anyone else can weigh in.. I'm in the process of trying to explore video
Oops sorry, forgot to post here. We were discussing elsewhere and decided that gray image was the thumbnail so that's not an issue.

If I remember right we also determined there was no video schema.
Just following up to see if anyone was able to figure out what was making that video thumbnail rich snippet appear?

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