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Jan 22, 2013
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Our client created a new youtube account and made a channel for their business. This also created a GMB page under the client's Google account.

We will be adding videos to the Youtube account and optimizing them for the client.

When you search for the client's business in Google Maps, I have the option of claiming the business. If I claim the business for them, is there any way to merge the page created when the Youtube channel was created?

I don't want to have duplicate listings, but we need to have the videos for their business.

Marc, can you share the URL's of the page's you are referring to?
Hi Marc,

The page linked to your YouTube channel: is a Brand page. It won't show up in local searches or Maps results and won't allow people to leave reviews.

The page that is showing up in your searches as unclaimed is a Local page - this one will show up on Maps (for directions) and allow people to leave reviews.

Claiming it is fine - these are two very different types of business pages and there won't be any conflict. However, I'd probably recommend transferring the YouTube channel to the Local page and then deleting the Brand page - as otherwise you've got two different pages to manage.

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