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Jul 18, 2012
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I've never had to deal with a suspended listing but a new client I just took on had their GMB listing suspended and neither one of us can make heads or tails of what he did. His listing has been in good standing for 5+ years (pest control service). Of course now he's upset with me because he thinks the changes I made to the listing caused the suspension when all I changed was the link to his website (I launched a new site for him on a new domain) and his telephone number.

Long story short, as I looked into it further the listing was marked as closed (I have no idea why) and despite our repeated attempts to create a new listing it just says "suspended" every time we enter the postcard verification code.

I submitted a reinstatement request but is that all I can do at this point? How long does it take to hear back from Google? And if they deny us will they at least tell us why? And is a denial a permanent suspension or will Google allow us to fix what needs to be fixed?

I feel like an idiot because this guy hired me to help him improve his exposure on Google and within a couple weeks of taking him on he loses his Google listing with his 6 reviews and perfect 5 star rating. What a way to make a good first impression...NOT.

Good luck. I have reached out to them on Twitter and Facebook, like a few people have told me and have gotten zero response. I also appealed and have heard nothing. Crickets. Hang in there and good luck. I'll let you know if I get anywhere with mine. PLease do the same.
Hey Travis,

The correct move here would be to get control over the listing that is closed. Do you want to post a link to it and I can try to see if I can reopen it so you can claim it?
Joy - here is the link to the now closed business:

Just a quick update on this. The owner said he had a duplicate listing by mistake and he marked it closed, which is why it now shows permanently closed. But somehow in the process, his main listing got closed and/or suspended. I don't know what all happened.

Here is a screenshot of what his GMB dashboard shows. You'll note his official business name is different than the one in the Google Maps listing above. This is the GMB listing we just got the postcard for and tried to enter the verification code but then it told us the listing was suspended shortly after we entered the code.



Hey Travis,

The correct move here would be to get control over the listing that is closed. Do you want to post a link to it and I can try to see if I can reopen it so you can claim it?

Okay so that listing is already marked open so it should be good for Google to merge it. If you create a thread on the GMB forum with these same details (just copy them), I'll escalate it and ask Google to unsuspend the listing and merge it with this one. PM me the link when you do.
Sometimes just reporting it as open (or asking others to report as open) reopens it, and you can then claim it.
Interesting, I received a call from an old client several weeks ago who also owns a Pest Control Service and his listing after 6 years of no issues was suddenly suspended. I set up his GMB years ago so i cannot vouch for anything he may have done. I looked at it for him and found no issues. Told him if he wanted me to elevate this it would come with a fee. Have not heard back from him. Just a coincidence? Or are Pest Control Services taking a hit lately?

You are the best!! My client got an email from Google that his listing is now live and we've confirmed it is as well. He was thrilled. Thanks for helping me look so good:) I really appreciate your help. Have a good one!


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