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Jul 29, 2012
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Just curious if anyone is also experiencing this situation. About two weeks ago, whenever we put in a "request for a call" from Google, the calls stopped. Previously we always got a call within minutes. Now nothing.

Thanks for any insights.
Haven't used phone support for a few weeks now, but I sincerely hope they haven't shut this down too. :eek:
Thanks, Scott. Yep, it's like the switch was turned off. Things have dramatically changed in the last several months. As an aside, we don't even try email support...that's been a total waste.
Hi All,

We have found that the support calls can sometimes take one or two attempts to come through. I think they were down UK wise Thursday and Friday of last week.

The live chat is still hit and miss but it has been working today.

And like you say Jon, email just appears to be a waste of time. Hope this helps.
Hi Jon, I checked with several of our Local SEO Team Members and they all said that it is working just fine.
Hi Colan:

Thanks for your response. At someone's suggestion, I tried the Chat option within Support. I was immediately contacted by someone in the Michigan support center and over a day we pretty well got our issues resolved. When we finally spoke by phone yesterday (yep, she called) I noted that dealing with non-U.S. Google support has sometimes been a challenge as they don't, for the most part, really understand how U.S. businesses work (nuances that aren't always covered by Google's "rules"); while she couldn't formally agree, the message came through. So, moving forward, chat (if we can reach a U.S. person) will be our policy.

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