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Aug 12, 2013
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Having issues with access to and eventual ownership of client GMBs. Here's the situation:

Client has 7 active GMBs — they were created (with permission) under the owner's name but created by a former employee. Client no longer knows how to access the email associated with the GMBs.

We have gone through the traditional method of trying to verify the GMBs. 3 of them allowed us to verify via email. This gave us/client access to GMBs but only as a user.

The other 4 are only giving phone verification option. This won't work because each location uses an auto-attendant phone system that I cannot get shut down (so a direct answer can take place). I'm getting no other verification options. No postcard, no email.

I have reached out to GMB support through the help system and via Twitter. My first contact was on Nov 19.

Any advice/guidance on how to get access to these listings and then ultimately get ownership of them? The client really wants to have full ownership of the listings at this point under an email account they control.


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