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Jun 6, 2018
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Hey guys, after getting my page content written by an article/blog writer. I usually research on the net and copy and paste snippets of info from whatever different sources into the article wherever I see the need for it. I then try to make every sentence and paragraph’s text the same size and color so it will look like one article written by the same person.

However, selecting some paragraphs does not allow me to adjust it’s text to the same size as the rest of the page, what I can do here please?
If this is in Wordpress, then likely you've got Span Text in the HTML code that is overriding it. If you change from VISUAL to TEXT view in the editor, you'll see the HTML code, and can then go through to remove SPAN start and ends.

What we do on our end when we are writing content in Google Docs is that we then copy it, paste it into Notepad. This will remove all formatting (bullets, headlines, font colors and sizes etc), and then copy from notepad to WordPress. Yes, it's extra work, but it's what we've always done.

WordPress also has a "paste as text" option if you open the text editor and expand the formatting bar to show the "Kitchen Sink". We've had mixed results with this in the past however, which is why we stick with the notepad version.
Yes, few years back I remember coming across an article suggesting to first copy but I was thinking in Word and had forgotten it was Notepad thanks!
Yes, Elementor is no problem too. Click the pencil for your text area, then on the left "Edit Text Editor" section, change from VIsual to Text. It may help to expand the box width and height.

Sometimes easier just to VIEW the page in a browser, hilight and copy the text and dump it into NotePad and then re-add to the site. Just depends how many areas have extra <SPAN text entries
I don’t use Google Docs, but there might be a simple “Remove Formatting“ button that you could click instead of having to copy and paste the text into Notepad to get raw text.

Gmail has this function so Google Docs might as well.

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