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Mar 7, 2016
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Mike Blumenthal out with a nice long post on best GMB guidelines after Google scraps its link to the Google My Business Guideliness (weird).
Best part about it, goes through what's acceptable for filling in citation info, you know people love to stuff keywords!

Check it out for Mike, almost like he did a broken link building strategy here, nice score!

Here's some nice tips I like,
Note: Brands, organizations, artists, and other online-only businesses should create a Google+ brand page instead of a local Google+ page. Brand pages must follow the Google+ page content guidelines.

If your business location combines two or more brands, do not combine the brand names into a single page. Instead, pick one brand’s name for the page. If the brands operate independently, you may use a separate page for each brand at this location.

Woah, that's really strange. That's got to be a mistake... I'm sure that Google will fix that 404 soon, that's a big deal if that's not visible anymore.

If anyone reading this is a little confused, the bulk of that post isn't something Mike wrote, what he did was post the cached version of the official Google Guidelines (now that they're apparently not visible anywhere else). And yeah, there's a ton of really interesting little tidbits in there, definitely something that every business owner and consultant should take a few minutes to peruse. Good find Justin, thanks for sharing!
Mike Blumenthal out with a nice long post on best GMB guidelines

Actually that's a copy of the exact G guidelines, not Mike's tips on the best guidelines. So it's not the original GMB bible, but an exact copy. It just looks longer cuz the original doc you had to click to expand most of the subsections to read everything.

The "tips" you quoted have been in the guidelines since the latest revision when they added a ton of much needed info... a year ago or so...

But it's good for us to have a copy to look at in case G lost them. And I'm sure G will be happy to have Mike's copy to copy, if by chance they don't have a backup. ;)

Edited to add: What James said... he was faster and I didn't see his post.

Thanks a lot for sharing Justin, I don't hit my feed reader much on the weekend so had not seen the news about the lost guidelines.
The GMB guidelines came back online mid day yesterday. I spoke with a G rep who said it went down when they were updating content.
Haven't dug in yet to see if there is anything new in the guidelines.

I have 2 different monitoring systems monitoring that page and they don't show any updates so I don't think there were any.
Well, he did say mundane content maintenence so who knows. Either way, sounds like the site crashing was unintentional and not due to anything important.
Thanks for the confirmation of no new content, too.
Hey Joy. What tools do you use to monitor those pages? I love that idea

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