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Mar 15, 2013
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I've been managing our Google Places page for some time now. Always battling/eliminating the "illegal" listings that keep entering our area.

I typically check our ranking by searching: "Westborough plumber"

Today, I've noticed something I haven't seen before. Yesterday, there were only an A and B position.. which was normal. The A position was my company and the B position was an illegitimate company with the wrong address..

Today, the illegitimate company is now gone and it is replaced by another illegitimate Roto-Rooter listing in Westborough, Ma AND another listing in a completely different town (Shrewsbury, Ma).

I've never checked our ranking for Westborough, MA and found someone from a different town in the 7 pack.

Is this normal? What's happening here?

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Here's a screenshot:

The packs change size sometimes. Sounds like it changed from a 2 pack to a 3 pack and that opened the radius up to include a wider area, so the 3rd listing from the town next door got in.
You're right!

There is some major shifting going on in my area at least. Rankings below my company are changing every few hours..

interested to see where it settles in.

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