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Jul 22, 2012
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Is anyone seeing a spike in traffic of Dec. 17th of last year? Nearly all of my clients are showing a peak in traffic on this date no matter how high their traffic was (clients with 60 views in past 30 days up to clients with 18,000 views in the last 30 days). Can anyone shed any light on this? Any help is appreciated!

A few screen shots: 2015-01-02_12-57-52.jpg 2015-01-02_13-28-31.jpg


Hi Michael,

Lots experienced that 12/17 spike, so I think it was just one of the usual glitches with the local stats.

Jim Froling brought it up at our Local Search Pros G+ Community. He saw the exact same pattern across many different client accounts.

So I checked my G+ Local page. I don't think it ranks, never even tried to get it to rank - so stats are flat-lined. Except for 12/17. 10,387 views. Then back down to nothing.

I helped a few at Moz who are seeing the same thing.

So just a hiccup I think, which happens quite often with the local stats.

Happy New Year!
I can confirm this. I did a larger test on this and I noticed about 30% of the profiles I have access to saw this same thing. Typically when this happens Google will go back and back fill the correct data. I would probably just ignore this data for now since there is no way it's correct.

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