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Mar 10, 2013
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I have been trying to get my client ranked in the 7 pack for "pest control las vegas" and are telling them about the importance of website content, reviews, location, etc., yet they point to others ranking without even completing places info. Here is one example "JS Pest control" ranking 4th without website or even a complete places listing? What's up? Also, what weight to location play anymore? I'm hearing centroid doesn't matter anymore? And that the mobile users location trump for mobile?
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Hi bdisalvio and welcome!

I'm going to move this post to our Ranking Puzzles section of the forum and see if we can get some members to try to figure it out. I just took a quick peek and here's what I found.

I'm hearing centroid doesn't matter anymore? And that the mobile users location trump for mobile?
Centroid mainly played and still does play a part in the old pack algo. Not so much in the new blended algo. In blended, organic ranking factors play the biggest part but the JS site is sort of an exception to that rule because it ranks with no site connected at all. That happens sometimes and I can't really explain it.

JS Pest control does have a site and it ranks #2 organic for "pest control las vegas",

But that listing you are talking about for JS, in the local blended listings, ranks F for me and you are right, no site, just what looks like an unclaimed bare G+ L page.

Searching maps via phone shows 2 listings: (702) 248-7378 - Google Maps. One with hidden address the other visible. But neither looks claimed (by the manage this page test). But they both have multiple categories so may be claimed and that test is just not working on this one.)

SOOOO if the site ranks so high, why does the 2nd G+ L page not connect to rank in blended? Why is the other listing that has NO site attached ranking on page one instead? (One answer could be the 2nd listing with address hidden has no address in Map Maker therefore it may be new and not ranking yet?)

I hit a couple weird things in Map Maker.

Link to both in MM: (702) 248-7378 (Top one has history, bottom one does not.)
(I could SWEAR as I was going back and forth on the top one the address changed but I can't re-produce it and am out of time.)

I'm out of time to research any more on this one for now. So let's see if anyone else has ideas.

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