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Jul 19, 2019
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I am wondering if anyone knows how to get the "on the menu" label that is showing under the Lumberjack Inn and The Swiss Kitchen listings in my screenshot attached. It is showing for both mobile and desktop.

The listing I manage has the full menu added to Google, and "Bagels & Breakfast" is one of the headings. The Lumberjack is showing a menu tab on mobile, but it simply links to other search results. The Swiss Kitchen isn't showing a menu option in Google mobile at all. Does anyone know where Google is pulling this information?
Thanks, @JoyHawkins. I would love to hear if there are any updates.
I know both of these businesses fairly well and I honestly doubt they have someone savvy enough to know to do this from their business.

I dug into both. Neither have:
Photos of bagels in Google, Facebook, Yelp or TripAdvisor
A website where Google would have found info
A menu uploaded in Google other than photos

The only place I can think it could be pulling from is reviews. But, these are both diners and bagels are simply a side item, nothing special. And, we have plenty of reviews raving about our bagels.

It has me quite stumped.

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