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Jul 25, 2012
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Hi All,

I have a client who does interior and exterior renovations / remodeling... such as roofing, siding, attic insulation, gutters, window replacements... and now he wants to get into garage building with his same business.

I am wondering how to best approach this from a G+ Local standpoint.

It seems to me that one company can only effectively rank for one main service (or maybe a couple/few services) with a single G+ Local listing... especially if each of the services are in competitive niches.

In the past we were focused mostly on the roofing niche, which is very competitive. He'd also love to rank well for the attic insulation niche... but now is adding the garage building niche (not as competitive, it seems in his locality.)

He'd be willing to create a new company with unique website and all... but that would cost several thousand dollars in website start-up costs and NAP work alone and a lot of time to pull it off... however, I fear that simply adding a single SEO'd page to his existing website won't give him much ability to break into a local 7 pack in this niche ('garage builders' / 'garage contractors' currently return local results.)

Any advice?


The answer could be adding multiple pages to his site which build relevance to "garage building" related keywords.

For example:

1 page that details qualifications and displays testimonials specific to his garage building prowess

1 page that details the different materials available/used in garage building

1 page FAQ about some things one may encounter when trying to build a new garage

Then optimizing the pages (homepage very much included) accordingly, allowing him to rise in credibility with short and long tail keywords.

If his original site is doing well and has link juice to lend to these new pages, all the better.

As long as you can make the original site as relevant as possible to the new search terms, you shouldn't have too much of a problem breaking into the less competitive market.
With a properly built site, on page seo, and some good links you can rank for many many terms. Stick with one site and make it strong. For the terms that you don't seem to be able to rank for, create a subpage on the website and rank that as well as optimizing and ranking some business listings (citations).
I wouldn't go the route of a new name, but would approach it as David suggests. Since he's still in a general contractor type role but is specialized trying to start a new company is just reinventing the wheel. Google is likely to think its spammy or will just treat any multiple versions of his business as one even if they're incoporated differently because they'll see it as him trying to gain an advantage rather than doing business. He's better off building his own brand and finding somethinng that pays the bills that people want.
Yes, I agree with what everyone else has said. Basically, I use the homepage for the "keyword" that is the most competitive, and it also has to fit in with them theme of the webpage as well. Within the body text of the home page, I will reference the other services and link out to them.
I'm happy to see such useful information on this forum. Never really thought it'd add up to much - but wow! I'm surprised to see such value here. I look forward to flowing through more of the threads, to see what you guys have going on.

thanks for the info guys,
gregory smith
You'll also want to make sure you've gotten maximum mileage out of your categories. Not only the ones that you specify in your Google Places dashboard, but also the ones on third-party sites. Maybe you've already done so, but in case not, it's low-hanging fruit. Categories matter - a lot.
We have a client in a very similar vertical. All I can say is that the 'pre-determined' categories that Google Places offers for exterior renovation companies, actually work quite well for a siding contractor ... hint hint :)

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