Jun 17, 2014
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Re: optimising titles

... also wanted to add that author of the first article talks about checking CTRs (for pages) in GSC as a way to monitor improvements. But he adds that to reach stat significance one should aim for 2000 impressions ... which is way too high for local where impressions (at least as far as I am concerned) are in the order of 100/month. Any thoughts about this? Are we losing stat significance for local sites?

Finally, the author of the first article also mentions that "While I think including meta descriptions is a good best practice, in my experience, no meta description test has really moved the needle in a CTR test." - I would be interested to hear what other people's experiences have been (?)


Oct 25, 2013
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Re: optimising titles

Adwords is a great tool for quickly testing out title tags. I remember reading that Tim Ferris even used it to test the title and tagline of the 4 hour workweek. Considering a lot of pages on local business sites especially might get too little traffic to run a split test in under 6 months, it's a great idea. Good share.
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