Bryan Bloom

Nov 22, 2018
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Content Manager/Planner/Editor

Job Description

The role is the Head of Content for a rapidly growing digital marketing agency. Most agency clients are in one niche. The agency has achieved superb SEO results and wants to further improve and develop more detailed and reliable systems and processes to maintain and expand its client base.

The person oversees content on client’s sites from strategy, topic discovery, article brief creation, content calendar and scheduling, article assembly, quality control, and final editing. You do not do the actual writing, we have a team of content writers for this.

Responsibilities include:
  • Topic discovery - ability to come up with new content topics for clients, as a result of client strategy & goals, keyword research, and uncovering opportunities among competitors. This includes deciding which topics seem feasible to rank for and fit within the search intent/funnel for the clients.
  • Article brief/procedure creation - ability to create, manage and update article briefs for existing and new topics. These briefs are then used by the content team.
  • Content calendar - our clients are on long term contracts so we need to plan out the content months in advance. This process involves deciding which topic(s) to cover and when to best meet the client’s goals.
  • Editing - Ability to read and review submitted content against the article briefs and internal quality guidelines

Must have demonstrated experience as an excellent writer with samples and very strong knowledge/experience with some of the SEO keyword/content tools such as Ahrefs, SEMrush, Answer the Public, SurferSEO and SEO tracking tools such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console. Must have experience with keyword research, competitor analysis, and tracking of keyword positions. An understanding of implementing systems and procedures across all elements is very important.

You can be remote (we expect this) but you must be located in a North American time zone. We are located in California, USA.

Initially, this will be an hourly or project-based position which hopefully can turn into full time in the future as the agency grows.
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