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Nov 30, 2012
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We have a client located here in Santa Cruz that ranks well on their targeted keywords, but it doesn't really matter because there is no traffic. They would like to tackle San Jose, which is a much larger market.

Should we create new geo targeted pages with unique (more costly approach) for San Jose or simply optimize their existing pages for San Jose since those pages have no value being optimized for Santa Cruz.
Hi Brian,

The answer is always - it depends on the specific situation, client goals, competition, etc...
But with the general info above here are my thoughts.

They are not going to rank in the pack in San Jose likely (if competitive) and they are not located in San Jose either.

So keep home and contact us focused on Santa Cruz, cuz they have Santa Cruz in NAP and there has got to be some amount of value in ranking in their own city.

Then KW location pages optimized for San Jose to try to rank in organic.
Wow! That was quick. I love this forum.

That makes perfect sense for the home and contact pages since they are ranking well in the pack for Santa Cruz.

We plan to optimize all of their service pages (8 core services) for San Jose and see how that works.

Thanks Linda!
You would really need to do create some serious location-targeted content for San Jose, get links, hopefully some from locally relevant sites (blogs, forums, community sites, etc). If your main and only goal is to rank for San Jose, then I don't see a reason not to try and optimize the whole website for San Jose. Obviously, try to minimize the usage of the client's address on the site as it would not be a good idea not just from the viewpoint of Google (because it will "notice" the address is not in San Jose), but also from conversion point of view - I don't know what the business is, but it usually turns clients off when they look for a "San Jose [keyword]" service and they land on the website of a business from [City Other than San Jose].

Just my personal thoughts.

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