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Oct 29, 2017
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Does anyone know how to create an outbound link from a company's website to its LinkedIn profile without getting a 999 Request Denied error?

When a user clicks on a link to the company's profile URL, they're asked to login or sign up for LinkedIn and access is denied.

Is there a workaround, a way to generate a URL that will display company's LinkedIn profile without having to be logged into LinkedIn?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Just found this error going through client's screaming frog report.
Hi @MeganR,

Test your LinkedIn URL without being logged in. (E.g. Open an incognito window and just paste the URL into the address bar.) I think you'll find that the link is OK.

LinkedIn just throws back this 999 error when it detects a crawler; it's not because the link doesn't work.

(FWIW, the 999 isn't even a standard status code. See Wikipedia.)

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