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Mar 18, 2014
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Good morning!

I'm writing on behalf of one of our clients, National Pain Institute. They had a physician on their team, Dr. Zipper, who retired and no longer works there, but the practice is still open in Delray Beach, FL.

I marked Dr. Zipper's listing as "permanently closed" since he retired. Is this the right thing to do in this situation?

Will Google remove Dr. Zipper's listing entirely from search results so that potential patients do NOT think the ENTIRE practice is permanently closed? I'm running into this exact same situation quite a bit with other clients so I want to be sure I'm handling it properly.

Info you may need:
practice's location on Maps showing it's still open:,lf_ui:3&rlfi=hd:;si:15877051949023328269

Dr. Zipper's permanently closed location on Maps:,+MD!3m1!1s0x0:0xcd977d18caf5fbeb

Thanks for all of your help and your time...much appreciated!
Re: physician retired but business location still open

Hey Janell,

I've actually asked Google about this situation and was waiting for an example. Let me run this one by them and see what they can do.
Re: physician retired but business location still open

Hey Janell,

Google got back to me and they should be able to fix this for you but need you to reach out to them to provide a couple confirmation questions to confirm you guys are the owners of the practice listing.

The guy I was speaking to is Mike on Twitter and you can reach out to him by tweeting to @GoogleSmallBiz. Feel free to mention that you were talking to me and it might help him connect the dots :)

Let me know how you make out!

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