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This is a thread I helped with at the Google and Your Business forum.

Moved from the fairly hidden "Google Forum Feed" section of our forum to the public forum and expanded title to share/discuss.

Not sure if that web copywriter created these listings for this attorney or if the attorney did the listings and she's just trying to help with the problem.

She asked me about what she thinks is one problem but these listings have so many issues and violations I did not even bother to count them all.

I considered having a contest to see who could come closest to counting all the problems and violations. ;)

Anyway, since these are all common problems on atty listings and many of you I know work with attys, I wanted to bring the post to light and share.

Click over to that thread to read the Q and see my response then let me know if you have any questions or thoughts to share.
Thanks for posting. Attorney's always make for interesting SEO case studies; I'm surprised he only has two websites!

It's always interesting to me, to watch an attorney pursue an aggressive reviews strategy, which seems to be at the root of her question. Between the ethical standards and advertising rules of the various state bar associations and the fact that the industry is known for having so few reviews, I'm generally pretty cautious in that arena.
Hey Bryan, welcome and thanks for weighing in.

Yes attorneys, especially ones that are aggressive marketers, as many of them are, are often problematic to manage. Usually some skeletons in the closet left by previous SEO or the actual attorney.

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