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Jun 28, 2012
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Colan, one of our Local Pro members, just posted the following over at the Google and Your Business Forum:

Company claiming they can rotate 2 businesses Google+ Local Ads

There is a company that is trying to woo one of my clients by telling them that they have the ability to rotate their Google+ Local ads. The clients in question are a Father and Son Team. The Father owns one business and the Son owns another business at a different address and phone number.

I don't see how this would be possible without a little trickery. 1 listing = 1 business location!!!

Can one of the TC's or Jade confirm that rotating 2 ads is not possible with local listings. You would need to create 2 separate ads. I would like a little confirmation so that I can show the client that this is not possible.

Linda says - silly scammers! Business owners are waiting days or weeks to get their data updated - or can't even get the correct data to show at all. And you claim to instantly be able to flip flop 2 different listings daily? :rolleyes: Silly scammers!
My thoughts exactly, Linda. This is the kind of stuff that really rubs me the wrong way.

The number of business owners being scammed by SEO companies on a daily basis must be incredibly high. I wonder if anybody has been able to come up with a rough estimate?

"Silly Scammers!", creates visions of the old Trix cereal commercials.(nice one Linda)
We should start a thread in the private forum and start naming some of these scammers so we can warn each other about them. It irritates me how many of them are out there. It really taints our industry.
Yep, I agree, they give the industry a bad name. We could do name them in the private forum.

Mike has balls and names them in public. I'm too scared of lawsuits. Not that I'd worry about losing in court, just the waste of time I don't have to lose. :eek:

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