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Sep 18, 2012
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I learned about Places Scout through Linda and another SEO friend. I honestly have enjoyed Places Scout and all of the rapid updates......but a few days ago I went to open the software and........:eek: it didn't open.

I have pulled a ticket with Places Scout and Mark is really helpful and staying on top of it until we figure out why it won't work.

BUT I didn't realize HOW MUCH I loved it until it stopped working....and now all I can think about is all the different reports I need and want to run!

If you haven't checked out Places Scout you need to! Also, the fast customer support is amazing and really hands on!

Much thanks for your kind words and recommendation, greatly appreciated!

Sorry about your issue and don't worry, we'll help ya get back up and running again as soon as possible...just had to do a teamview session yesterday to help another customer who couldn't open Places Scout...turns out it was something on his computer blocking the auto-updater process from opening properly. Probably something minor that is interfering with Places Scout, we'll get to the bottom of it.

Check your support ticket, i sent some more suggestions earlier today to try, let me know.

I completely agree with Marie about Places Scout being a fantastic tool - I'm constantly raving about it here as it's made my life so much easier. It's also the first bit of software that is turned on in the morning! :D

Nice to see you here Mark, and let me thank you for providing such great support for the fantastic software that is Places Scout. I'm sure it means a lot to us who use it to see that updates are regularly rolled out and support is given. Your passion for your product shines through. I plan to be using Places Scout for a long time! :D I'd say it's a must have tool for Local SEO consultants so I'd recommend everyone here to consider using it. It's also very well priced (I think).

Note: My software is currently working (I'm glad to report) but hope you guys are able to resolve the bug in question.
I must add that I agree with Nick and if you are in Local you need Places Scout. The price is really really good for the software and also the customer support is like no other!

Places Scout has always worked really well for me. Recently I had some windows updates and I am restoring and also running some virus scans. I fully believe that something on my computer is interrupting Places Scout. And I will check back in when it is all back up and running!

If you don't have Places Scout, you need to get it!
If there was a version for Mac users it would be great.

Suggesting you can run it in Parallels or other windows simulator doesn't get my attention.
Places Scout is a fantastic product. Mark is a really cool dude and always provides great customer support.

If you don't have the product, your business is not as efficient or as insightful as it could be.
I had to reply with Mark is more than a really cool dude!! He is a really GREAT GUY!
I was having issues and after going back and forth a few times he met me on SKYPE and he was able to log onto my computer and check error logs, run a few tests.....
and to make a long story short he figured out the problem!!
It had nothing to do with Places Scout , it was my computer and spyware....
BUT he helped me fix it.....and I am back on my way!

NOW, I have NEVER EVER had that type of customer service for any product I have ever bought!! I am a customer for life!!

Mark RULES!! :cool:

Thanks for the compliments, much appreciated!

Glad i was able to help you figure out the issue on your computer, and glad to hear you are back up and running again!


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