Feb 23, 2015
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Hi everyone,

Why would a business show up for the singular keyword + region in Google Maps, and not for the plural keyword + region?

The site ranks in the organics at the top for the plural keyword + region.

The site had a duplicate GMB recently which has been removed. I'm hoping that this will flush out any issues, and that the business will start to appear for the plural.

Has anyone any other thoughts?


Feb 23, 2015
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Sorry I believe the difference between 'vets' and 'vet' isn't significant enough for the business not to show in Google maps for the plural.

They show no1 in Google organic SERPS for 'vets' + regional term. They used to show in the Maps for this term as well until the penalty. The duplicate business with the same phone and address has been removed, so I expected this ranking in Google Local to return. I just can't figure out why it shows for the singular and not the plural, and whether it's just a matter of time before it does starting showing.
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