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Dec 5, 2013
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We have a client that is a SAB (tour industry) but uses a PO Box for their mail. I know that PO boxes aren't allowed, how should we verify the business? Set it as a home address and hide it?

We're trying to verify their GoogleMyBusiness and build citations for them.

Hi Eric, you would need to use the home address and hide it, yes.
Thanks for the response. How would we build citations for them afterwards then? Which address should I use, the PO Box or Home address?

This is the first client we've had that doesn't have a permanent address for their business, we're not quite sure how to go about this, citation wise.
So even if the client were to conduct their business (giving tours) at a certain part of the city, they'd still have to list their home address when building citations?

(I'm aware of the 'hide your address' for certain websites/directories).
Yes. To maximize your chances of ranking well you want the NAP of your citations to match the NAP in the GMB dash.

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