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Well I'm no specialist and I don't want to spread wrong information here. There's more qualified people out there I guess.

But I remember is that the GPUs were considered as powerful enough only by the late 2000's. I mean to perform billions of calculations in real time or near real time.

The processing of that data is very expensive and Google being Google, they'll allocate enough ressources only if it's worth it (read it can bring a decent ROI or when people start making too much noise complaining about spam).

They could really easily get rid of most of the fake reviews. It's just that for Google it's not worth it.
That'll force big players to pay to continue to stay in the spotlight for an acquisition channel which was virtually free before.

the smart phone results are changing fast.
The changes seem to fill up front page search results on page #1 with wiki content and video links... this in turn, leaves less room.. just enough for 3 map packs and probably 5 organic results.

To put it simply, if you want to increase your revenue,? increase the advertiser demand for the front page. Less available real estate means more competition and a higher demand for top paid advertising.
smart. very smart.

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