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Aug 23, 2014
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I wanted to know if anyone on here could recommend a good company to work with that has experience building a solid PPC landing page. I'm looking to generate a few for a small business and the goal is to have the user fill in a contact form (generate leads). I know of some major players in this industry such as WordStream but wanted to see if anyone had any experience with a good company they could recommend.
Which ever company you go for, ask for the budget they invest for PPC for your suggested keywords. What average position they will target during certain time frames. What type of testing they do for your landing pages? If they are going to create a new landing page for PPC? If yes why?
Just out of curiosity, why not build them yourself? You mentioned knowing Wordstream.. Between them and Hubspot you can find a myriad of resources on creating high quality landing pages for PPC, different A/B tests to run for CRO, etc. You'll also be learning how to create killer pages and can then market that as one of your services too :)

Here's some [hopefully] helpful resources:

<a href="">Hubspot Resource Library</a>
<a href="">Moz's 6 Essential PPC landing Page Optimizations</a>
<a href="">Moz's 12 Step Landing page Rehab Program [Sweet Infographic]</a>

EDIT: Whoops, just realized how old this post was.. Also not sure why my links aren't displaying properly..

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