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Jan 29, 2021
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Hey all,

I've been in a bit of a pickle for quite sometime now. One of my white-label clients assigned me to a GMB listing. The primary owner of that GMB listing has had a stroke for some time now and will be in the hospital indefinitely.

There are no other owners within that listing. Just a few other managers.

I've made a new e-mail address and tried to gain access to that listing, but once I entered the verification code given by Google, I was just given (seemingly automatically) Site Manager access, which doesn't really help.

At first I thought it was my IP address raising red flags for Google's security system. It would make sense for them to think that a GMail account made in Ireland wanting to control a listing in Australia would raise suspicions. To counter this, I tried to make a Gmail account through my client's computer via a virtual machine they set up for me. Still, no luck.

The endgame for me is to create an account, gain ownership access, then give myself manager access on a different e-mail so I can work behind a white label.

I have requested ownership access with the e-mail that was granted Site Manager access, but was never given an option to claim the listing. It's been about 10 days, now.

Have I completely exhausted all avenues or is there another approach I can take here?

Thank you!
@0001q0X, for the foreseeable future, I'd say your only other practical option is to try to get through to one of the other (non-primary) owners. They're the only people who can wave you in. Presumably you've got the attention of whomever approved your "site manager" access, so that person can probably bump up your level of access.

An option less likely to work is to sign into a Google / G Suite account you may have been given access to for other purposes, like for Analytics or AdWords. Those tend to be in the same account as GMB, so it's possible that if you have access to one of those (a big "if") you can log in as someone who happens to be a GMB "owner."

Really appreciate your reply.

I think it might be worth bringing up that I have some suspicion that Google automatically grants Site Manager access to whoever gets verified and requests access to a GMB profile. Have you seen this syntax in the verification URL before?

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