Jan 25, 2019
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I have a client that has a brand new site:

This is a different entity from the St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Cathedral but is right next door. One is a church, the other is a banquet hall. they now have 2 different listings, phone numbers and websites.

I am having 3 main issues as of right now and I am dumbfounded as to why this is:
1. When I add the website to the new GMB listing it never keeps the website in the listing. It always strikes it through and says it is not right
2. When submitting the website to webmaster tools, it constantly gives me an error message about my sitemap - I have replace the sitemap like 4 times and it still has not changed it's error message
3. No matter what I do to try and find the google business listing, I cannot find it anywhere on the map. Even by putting int the exact name of the GMB listing will not give me an option to see it.

I would love some insight, I have done this onboarding process nearly 100 times and I have never had this specific issue happen. I have looked everywhere for no index no follow issues or sitemap issues, but I have not seen anything. all I know is for some reason this site is not getting indexed and it is not getting it't google business listing updated.

Cathedral room 1.jpg

Cathedral room 2.jpg

Cathedral room 3.jpg

Margaret Ornsby

Local Search Expert
Jul 22, 2013
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Question - Have you tried swapping out the plugin you use for the sitemap, or turn off the sitemap from this plugin and try another.
Am getting validation errors on your sitemap, and wondering if a random character that cannot be seen on screen has worked its way into the PHP that writes the sitemap.
The errors are inconsistent across error checkers, so am not 100% confident any of them are telling me the truth.

As far as the listing goes, I suspect the suite # is part of the problem.
A suite does not seem to be a valid part of the address.

There are two other listings at this address, and one has a category that is kin to the categories on your listing. Could be Google has set filters that are picking this up.
Yanni's Catering
Yanni's Catering
419 S Dithridge St, Pittsburgh, PA 15213, USA
+1 412-414-6558
Our Location
When I look at the site, the catering biz says it's in the same place as where you're trying to set up the the venue.
There may be a bit of confusion going on with the AI that's likely deployed to process these. I'd contact Google Support and talk someone through what's going on. They also will be able to check if there is anything behind the scenes we can't see that may be conflicting.
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