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Jan 29, 2019
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I have a medical practice client who have a few locations with different doctors. These doctors work primarily in one of the locations. We have both GMB listings for the entire practice for each location as well as individual GMB listings for each of the doctors. Currently, we are focused on promoting and optimizing individual doctor GMB listings. Now they are ready to actively promote for more reviews.

What is the optimal way to funnel reviews and maximize how it will help the practice? What are the pros and cons of each option? A) to the main practice GMB profile for each location or B) to each doctor's individual GMB profile? or C) an option not listed here such as a hybrid approach rotating promoting reviews to the main practice GMB profiles and the individual doctors' GMB profiles.
I would do a hybrid approach (rotate between the 2) provided the listings are targeting different things. You can use different categories on the listings to make them not overlap.

Also, it's fine for a user to review both the practitioner and the practice.

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