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Aug 18, 2020
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I noticed that longer anwers within GMB's Q&A section are being cut-off (without the option to access the full text). However, so far I could not find any specifications for how long (pixels, characters, words) an answer can be before it will be cut-off. Who can help?
It’s basically a visual limit, meaning you can only see 440 characters when looking at a question, but if you click on the question you can still see the full answer.

So you can still use 1000 Characters (the last time I checked:) ) to answer a question.

I always recommend keeping the answers short and well within 440 char. If you need to give a longer answer, you should ask the customer to contact you directly.

See this example:
You can only see a bit of the answer

However when you press on the question you have access to the full text:


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