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Apr 4, 2013
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guys i am a new member here and need to ask a question. I have a client who wants me to setup a google places page.

Now do I setup a google places page ( the old way ) or a google+ ?

I understand the ranking factors for google places, well it change if say I set it up first for google places and then merge it with google +?

specially giving that the categories are different from places to google +?

Re: Question about google places and google +

Hi Sharack,

First of all, welcome to the community. There is a wealth of great info in here. Glad you have joined us.

Google et al. are still advising against merging a G+ business page with the G+ Local page. So at this point you should create the G+ Local page via the Google Places front door.

You can create a G+ business page and have access to the social features, videos, etc, just don't merge it at this point.
Re: Question about google places and google +

Hi Colan,

Thank you so much, indeed I am happy that I found this forum.

Ok so just to recap. I setup/add a google places listing for my client and google+ local page using the same gmail account ( email address )

Then create a new google+ business page that is separate from the google places? Is that allowed? I mean one business listing for google places and one for google+ business? And will I use the same gmail account as well?

And is it ok to just create google places listing for the time being?

And from members who merged google+ and google places business.. Did you notice any drop in your ranking? some fields in places are different in google + business

Thank you :)
Re: Question about google places and google +

Do you guys know if it's better to submit the business citations first and then claim/add you google places listing... Or the other way around?

Does it matter?

Re: Question about google places and google +

If brand new business with NO citations best to get a few of the majors listed 1st so Google can see it's a real biz.
Re: Question about google places and google +

Hi Linda,

It's a local business store that was bought. The store name has changed but the address is the same obviously. The old business name is listed in one directory and google picked it up. So google places has the a listing unclaimed with the old business name.

So what do you advise here Linda..Edit google places and change the business name and claim/verify first... Or fix the directory listing first and then places?

Re: Question about google places and google +


I'd definitely fix the third-party listings ASAP. It's fine to do that at roughly the same time you update Google Places, but any changes you make to the latter are more likely to stick if you've got your third-party listings looking the way you'd like them to.

FWIW, last year I did a post that shows one possible timeline / sequence for doing all this stuff:

12-Week Action Plan for Google Places Visibility |

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