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Do you have 10 images loaded up in the Places dashboard? Were they showing up before the merge and have the images been loaded up for over a month?

You merged a landscaper? Service area businesses are not eligible for merging yet???
Were you aware of that?

Also their location looks residential. You know you need to hide their address right? Google is deleting thousands of businesses that don't comply with that guideline.
Hi Linda,

Thanks for the quick reply!

I think I missed Google declaring that service area businesses are not eligible for merging.. This company serves customers at this address and have an office located there. I really hope that this would not be a problem since they are a legitimate company and the listing does comply with all Google's quality guidelines.

The images were showing up before the merge and I do remember that once there was actually an option to change the banner image into the 5 images just by "edit cover image" on the Google Plus Business Page. It seemed that this option has disappeared and I was wondering if I am actually missing something.

Can you send me a link of Google asking landscapers or businesses that serve both at the office and on location (service area businesses) not to merge?

I really do not remember seeing anything about that during the verification process...

I know that on a couple of Google forums it was noted that you will not receive the postcard if you do not serve customers at your location.

But once again that is not exactly the case here.
Ya with Google being Google, they of course don't even mention it during verification so how the heck are SMBs or even consultant supposed to know? Not everyone reads the little forum announcements.

Google Groups
Actually I told Jade when this 1st rolled out that she needed to specify it was only service area businesses with address hidden. (Because I assumed it was the hidden address that was the only prob.) So she changed it. But then Joel told me no they don't want any service area businesses merging yet because there is no service area feature in G+ yet. But in looking back, it never got changed and still says only those with hidden address need to wait.

BUT you may have a problem anyway. Because when I look at that location on maps it looks like a residence. If it looks like that to me, will look same to moderator and they could get whacked. Plus landscapers can't do landscaping at their own office, they must do it onsite. I strongly caution you to reconsider. I know businesses that have been down for MONTHS and can't get back up even with a new listing. HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of businesses have been deleted. This is nothing to take a risk with.
Oh and on changing the G+ images. I was not real sure, but just found the answer. It appears you can't according to this G forum thread.

<a href="!topic/business/STExR7CHaic">I am trying to modify my Cover Photo on my Google+ Business page and can't find the option to Change the Template. I want to have several images instead of one long image.</a>
Hi Linda,

Thanks for finding the answer for the banner issue.

Google is always playing and changing things make it hard to follow every change they make.

Thank you for your advice. Seems to me that there are no landscapers in Washington DC who have hid their address (at least there are not any on the first two pages of Google). Whether it is for meeting or consulting purposes this company actually accepts clients at the address specified so they have nothing to hide :)

Thank you for your help.
Just letting you know it does not matter if they really sees customers there. They could still get whacked and thousands of businesses have. If a moderator from India looks at maps and it looks residential sometimes they don't even call to verify, they just shut it down.

Not trying to beat a dead horse, just making sure you realize. Companies that got whacked post in the G forum all day long and many of them say they DO see customers at their location. Google cannot tell that looking at a map.

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