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Nov 14, 2012
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I 'm hoping someone can help me with this.

We have run into this a few times in the last couple months. The situation is that we have businesses coming to us that had websites that ranked decently in search but their website design was dated so they rebuilt the website. The company they hire blows out all the aged internal url's that are ranking in search and does not redirect the aged internal url's to the brand new internal url's. At this point, 4-5 months have gone by... the new url's are indexed and do not rank in search and the old url's are gone and not redirected. The client has lost their position in search; the client is in a very competitive market place and they come to us asking if they go back to the original url's will Google give them any credit for the old url's or is all lost at this point? What is the best approach to take in this situation?

I appreciate any insight you may have.
Hi Scott,

could you pm me the urls (old and new) that are gone, i'll take a look at them. Desperate causes are my specialty :)

Thanks for offering to take a look Patrice. I'll PM you now.

Tell them to redirect old URL's to new URL's and hope for the best.

If that doesn't work, you may have to resort to creating new content. We had a client in the same situation drop for a "secondary" keyword to page 10. The URL redirect did little to nothing (although the redirect did work for our other "secondary" keywords). I ended up having more content written for the keyword, did the on-page and we jumped not just back to the top, but higher than before.

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